Save the Bees!

We just found this great essay published in the New York Times on efforts to save the bees in Bavaria:

Across the world bee and other insect populations are declining as habitat is destroyed, the climate is changing, and pesticides are unnecessarily applied. This week we removed the old comb from a honey bee hive that had previously been killed with dichlorvos, a common insecticide that is highly toxic to humans and has been found to be prevalent in urban waterways. Worst of all, the application of this pesticide did nothing to prevent another bee swarm from moving in the following year… an example of short-sighted techniques that don’t actually solve the problem. After removing the contaminated comb we sealed the area so that honey bees won’t try to colonize it in the future.

Preserving honey bees, bumble bees, and other native bees and pollinators is at the heart of our work. Even when we are doing yellow jacket removals and hornet removals (which is most of our work this time of year), we are working to protect other insects by providing options for pesticide-free stinging insect control that don’t leave toxic chemicals in our homes, yards, and gardens.